Mothlight Microcinema

  1. an artist-run, nomadic film series screening experimental and avant-garde, fiction, documentary, and animated film + video in Detroit, Michigan since 2012.
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Upcoming Events
MMC 2023 ++
  1. 16mm filmmaking workshop with the Detroit Narrative Agency

Past Programs
MMC 2023 ++
  1. 60th Ann Arbor Touring Program, Q&A with Jerrod Willis

MMC 2022 ++
  1. 59th Ann Arbor Touring Program, Q&A with Ahya Simone 

MMC 2021 ++
  1. Malni: towards the ocean towards the shore, Q&A with Sky Hopinka
  2. Film About a Father Who, Q&A with Lynne Sachs

MMC 2020 ++
  1. The Wolf House (virtual, co-presented with The Film Lab and Cinema Lamont)
  2. Vitalina Varela (virtual, co-presented with The Film Lab)

MMC 2019 ++
  1. Films in Space (Cosmos + shorts on 16mm)
    Curated by Raul Benitez

  2. Remember to Remember: New and Old Films from Niagara Custom Lab
    Curated by Derek Jenkins

MMC 2018 ++
  1. Chicagoland Shorts, Vol 4 
    Curated by Full Spectrum Features
  2. Based in Havana: Documentary Shorts
    Curated by Mary Pena
  3. Clicks Inside My Dreams: Short Films by Margaret Rorison, Q&A with Rorison
  4. Image Bearings: New Video Work by Women in the Midwest
    Curated by Sally Lawton, Q&A with Bree Gant

MMC 2017 ++
  1. The Maribor Uprisings, Q&A with Maple Raza
  2. Kairos Dirt and the Errant Vacuum, Q&A with Madsen Minax
  3. INAATE/SE/, Q&A with Adam Khalil
  4. ANTI-ETHNOGRAPHY, Q&A with Adam Khalil
  5. Untitled (Just Kidding), Q&A with Jesse Malmed

MMC 2016 ++
  1. Chicagoland Shorts
    Curated by Full Spectrum Features

  2. Films by Mothlight Filmmaker-in-Residence Jayne Amara Ross, Q&A with Ross
  3. Films by Ephraim Asili, Q&A with Asili
  4. SÖFNUN: Mothlight Microcinema in Iceland
  5. Seeking: Missed Connections & Loose Associations, Q&A with Chris Collins & LJ Freeza
  6. Films for One to Eight Projectors: Multiple Projector Experiments by Roger Beebe, Q&A with Beebe

MMC 2015 ++
  1. Itinerant Spaces: Films by Stephen Connolly, Q&A with Connolly
  2. Minority Report
    Curated by Nazli Dincel, Q&A with Sky Hopinka

  3. Frenkel Defects III
    Curated by Kevin Rice
  4. Handmade Emulsion workshop with Process Reversal (led by Kevin Rice)
  5. Cellular Cinema VI: Mothlight in Minneapolis
  6. Films by Filmmaker-in-Residence Dan Smeby, Q&A with Smeby
  7. Tale of Two Syrias: Films by Filmmaker-in-Residence Yasmin Fedda, Q&A with Fedda
  8. Paradise: Films by Filmmaker-in-Residence Lydia Moyer, Q&A with Moyer
  9. Failure: Experimental Animation by Kelly Sears, Q&A with Sears
  10. Projection Instructions: Selections from Filmmakers Coop Curated by Josh Guilford, performed by Mothlight

MMC 2014 ++
  1. Synchronicity, Q&A with Jason Sudak
  2. Films by Julie Murray, Q&A with Murray
  3. Films by Fern Silva, Q&A with Silva
  4. Form/Fragment, Q&A with Jen Proctor
  5. 51st Ann Arbor Film Festival Touring Program

MMC 2013 ++
  1. Moving: 16mm shorts
  2. On Holiday
    Curated by Brandon Walley
  3. Peninsulam, Q&A with Jack Cronin
  4. Handmade (Animation)
    Curated by Gary Schwartz, Q&A with Dustin Grella
  5. Portraits of America, Part II, Q&A with Katie Barkel & Oren Goldenberg
  6. Portraits of America, Part I, Q&A with Brandon Walley

MMC 2012 ++
  1. Maximal Minimal (16mm)



MMC26 09232016 / Films by Jayne Amara Ross (AIR)
with Jayne Amara Ross

Please join us at Trinosophes to see the work of Mothlight Filmmaker-in-residence, Jayne Amara Ross.

Jayne Amara Ross is a Franco-Australian poet and filmmaker based in Paris. Since 2009, her films have been shown in international festivals and galleries (CCA Glasgow, MAMCS Strasbourg, la Cinémathèque Française, SixDogs Athens, Brisbane Fringe Festival…) and she has toured France and the UK with live cinema collective FareWell Poetry. She has released two spoken word albums in the UK (Gizeh Records) and her work has been funded by Le Centre National des Arts Plastiques (France).


Jayne Amara Ross / Super 8 to HD / Loop / 2010
Persephone belonged to her mother Demeter before she was ravished by Hades, her husband-to-be. Then ensued a tug-of-war to claim ownership of the girl, mediated by her father, Zeus. In the same, confused forest clearing, Persephone is the image of objectified girlhood, simultaneously disrobed from soil by her husband and tucked back into the ground by her mother.
This piece was adapted from a live performance for two super 8 projectors.Soundscape :

SPOTTED THOUGHTS IN HAZY LIGHT by Agathe Max (Box Bedroom Rebels)

POETRY READING by James Hart 3 & Jayne Amara Ross

Jayne Amara Ross / HD / 5' / 2016
In the Norse cosmogony, the finite world is created from the dismembered body of the Primordial Giant, Ymir. Inspired by an archival photograph from 1918 of a whale trapped in fast ice on the coast of Iceland, WASTE is a meditation on over-consumption and penury and the devastating violence of our misguided hungers.

Jayne Amara Ross / HD / 19' / 2016
An ordinary day in a small fishing town in the north of Iceland provides a backdrop for the narrator's deliberations on personal failure, womanhood, community and the death and rebirth of astral bodies.

Jayne Amara Ross / HD / 12' / 2016
A conversation with Matthew Sidney Jones on the subject of being Queer, and being Mormon: a quest to hold on to every aspect of one's identity in a celebratory act of dissent.

Jayne Amara Ross / Super 16 to HD / 18' / 2011
Live soundtrack by James Cornish
A man embarks on a mystical journey of endurance to break through the husk of duality and to, finally, be united in love.